• Latch bolt retracted by knobs both sides, except when locked by key from either side.
  • Key from either side unlocks knobs both sides.
  • For latch only operation #NK2L78, the knob and plate assembly will be furnished without a key hole.
  • Latch bolt positively resists end pressure when locked.
  • Armor front prevents tampering with attached screws.
  • Key cannot be extracted when locking door if an object has been placed inside the strike.
  • Available with knobs or lever handles (please specify).
  • HUB: Bronze (for 5/16" spindle).
  • KEYING: 3 tumblers, 1 S63 key. Keyed alike to specified key changes (key not furnished - as ordered only at extra cost).
  • MATERIAL: Bronze front and bolt. Satin Chrome finish.
  • FRONT: Front adjustable for flat or beveled doors.
  • STRIKE: Not furnished - as ordered only at extra cost.

Sell Sheet

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  • US4
    Satin Brass
  • US4NL
    Satin Brass + No Lacquer
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US3
    Polished Brass
  • US3NL Polished Brass No Lacquer US3NL
    Polished Brass + No Lacquer
  • US26
    Polished Chrome
  • US32
    Bright Stainless Steel
  • US9
    Polished Bronze
  • US10
    Satin Bronze
  • US10B
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • US14
    Polished Nickel
  • US15
    Satin Nickel
  • US19
    Oxidized Black + Lacquer
  • US19LLG_Oxidized Black Less Lines +Lacquer_G0A2246_HiRes US19LL
    Oxidized Black Less Lines + Lacquer
  • BN
    Burnished Nickel
  • BB
    Burnished Brass
  • TN
    Tarnished Nickel