• For use with Accurate’s levers or prepared for use with other manufacturers’ trim (for compatibility please verify vertical spacing as well as through-bolting locations or call for assistance).
  • 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-3/4” backset for door stiles starting at 3”.
  • Custom backsets, marine grade and rabbeted kits available.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Case (15/16” thick)
  • Armor Front: Adjustable bevel. Made from brass, bronze or stainless steel and finished as required.
  • Magnetic stainless steel latch bolt, 5/8” throw
  • Brass or stainless steel deadbolt, 1” throw
  • Hubs available in different sizes to be compatible with various trim
  • Thumb Turn Hub is 3/16” 5mm on the diamond specialty 5mm or 6mm square hub available special order.
  • Available in passage, privacy and storeroom functions.
  • Magnetic latch cannot be provided with deadlatch. All functions with deadlatches can be provided less deadlatch (9142, 9145, 9145S, 9146, 9153, 9156, 9158, 9159). Please call for assistance.

9024ML | 9124ML Dormitory

(ANSI SERIES 1000-F13)

  • Latch bolt by knob or lever either side.
  • Deadbolt by key outside, thumb turn inside.

9025ML | 9125ML Interior Passage and Closet Latch

(ANSI SERIES 1000-F01)

  • Latch bolt by lever either side.

9039ML | 9139ML Interior Privacy Bedroom or Bathroom Lock

(ANSI SERIES 1000-F19)

  • Latch bolt by knob or lever either side.
  • Deadbolt by turn piece inside and optional emergency key outside.

9059ML | 9159ML Storeroom

(ANSI SERIES 1000-F07)

  • Latch by lever inside and key outside.
  • Outside lever always rigid.
  • Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt.
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