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We can meet the unique needs to bring any vision to life. Our custom and bespoke hardware can be found in some of the most prestigious addresses in the world.

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We design, engineer, and manufacture our products at our Stamford, CT facilities.

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Bold and dynamic, the Carrera Collection has a tailored elegance that cannot be replicated. Confident, sleek and sexy, Carrera draws inspiration from the contours of a sports car to exude speed and luxury.
Today we are introducing Hilario B. When asked what he likes about working here, he says, "There is this positive feeling I get from working with machines. Operating them feels good and watching them operate successfully feels even better, especially the HAAS milling machine. I just love the work that I do." #featurefriday
It feels like spring and we are embracing organic shapes and styles that feel new and natural.
For commercial use, the M9143ELR utilizes a wired push paddle paired with electrified latch retraction to open and close the door behind the user. An ADA thumb turn shunts the push paddle outside, locking the door and allowing for complete privacy. Ideal for bathrooms or any power-operated openings that require accessibility or ADA compliance. This electrified solution helps maintain privacy while also allowing for ease of access with the integration of a low energy power operator and wired push paddle (by others).
This unique door accessory can create maximum architectural impact. Harmon Hinges allow the door to align with millwork to essentially disappear into the wall when open. Allowing the door to sit in a pocket of the wall creating a concealed panel, the Harmon Hinge does not project beyond the face of the door and creates a clean aesthetic. Available in stainless steel or solid brass in a variety of finishes.

Accurate is unequivocally one of our most trusted and relied upon manufacturing partners. What they offer to the marketplace in terms of catalog product, custom capabilities, and engineering prowess is pivotal to our ability to serve the A&D community. We owe a great deal of our success to the evolved relationship that we have with Accurate.

Kurt Schnakenberg | President, Chicago Brass

I am always eager to make a good comment when it's deserved and love doing it. Since the day we discussed the cylinder door knob with you, you gave me assurance we will have a good ride, and we did. Putting together the order was like being in dreamland. Everything went well and you did a fantastic job. I don't say this lightly since all 72 knobs & roses passed by my hands & eyes.

Lorenzo Cassina | Cassina Collection

I've watched Accurate shine brighter than many of the manufacturers because of your choices to poise your team to be able to quickly respond to the changing demands in hardware, whether that means re-engineered and re-designed products, engineering new products/features out of anticipation or response to current needs/trends, and finally - most importantly - investing back into your employees, caring for and retaining the amazing staff you have, in sales and in the shop.

Stefanie Fudenna | index-d </