• Compatible with various partition system configurations.
  • For inswing and outswing doors that utilize proprietary framing.
  • Fits 1/2" tempered glass, other door thicknesses available.
  • Available in a variety of functions.
  • Can be used with standard mortise cylinders.
  • Quick and simple door prep and installation.

GR8624 Entrance

  • Latch bolt by lever either side.
  • Deadbolt by key outside and turn piece inside.

GR8625 Passage

  • Latch bolt by lever either side.

GR8639 Privacy

  • Latch bolt by lever either side.
  • Deadbolt by turn piece inside and optional emergency key outside.

GR8656 Entrance or Office

  • Latch bolt by key outside and handle either side unless outside handle is locked by toggle-action stop.
  • Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt.

GR8659 Storeroom

  • Latch by handle inside and key outside.
  • Outside handle always rigid.
  • Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt.
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  • US28
    Satin Aluminum
  • ESN
    Electroless Nickel
  • US19
    Oxidized Black + Lacquer

How to Specify

Function. Backset. Trim. Finish. Hand. Door Thickness.

  • Rabbeted Glass Patch Entrance Set | Glass Wall
    E.g.: GR8656. 112. 18L. US28. RH. 1/2
  • Rabbeted Glass Patch Office Set | Aluminum Frame (4-7/8" Strike)
    E.g.: GR8659. 112. 19L. US19. LH. 1/2
  • Rabbeted Glass Patch Passage Set
    E.g.: GR8625. 112. 29L. ESN. RH. 1/2
  • GR86 can be set up for levers by other manufacturers upon request.
  • Access control applications available.
  • Cylinders must be specified separately if required.

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