• The highest level of ligature resistance featuring Paperclip Protection
  • UL Listed 3 Hour (R13846)
  • For use on cylindrical (ANSI 161) door preparations
  • Furnished with a Grade 1, UL Listed cylindrical lock (less cylinders)
  • Meets BHMA 156.34 Ligature Resistant Trim Standard
  • Fitted for conventional or IC cylinders to preserve existing keying systems or furnished with conventional type cylinders
  • Available in electromechanical functions
  • US26D/US32D finish standard
  • Supplied with Torx® Security Screws
  • 2-3/4" backset standard, 3-3/4" or 5" available for retrofit or specialty applications
  • Dimensions: 8-1/2" high by 6-3/16" wide with a projection of 2-5/8"


  • Latch by handle either side.

CH-CYL-PRI Privacy or Bathroom

  • Latch by handle either side unless outside handle is locked by inside button.
  • Turning inside handle or closing door releases button.
  • Emergency slot on outside handle unlocks and releases inside button.

CH-CYL-CLA Classroom

  • Latch by handle either side unless outside handle is locked by key.
  • Key outside locks/unlocks outside handle and retracts latch.
  • Inside handle is always free.

CH-CYL-STO Storeroom

  • Latch by handle inside or key outside.
  • Outside handle rigid at all times.


  • Both handles rigid at all times.
  • Latch by key either side.
  • Verify code compliance before using this function.

CH-CYL-EN Entrance

  • Latch by handle either side unless outside handle is locked by push/turn-button inside.
  • Push button released by key outside or handle inside.
  • Latch by key outside when outside handle is locked.

CH-CYL-F90 Dormitory or Institutional Privacy

  • Latch by handle either side unless outside handle is locked by push button inside or key outside.
  • Operating inside handle or closing door releases inside button but outside handle remains locked if locked by key.
  • Key outside locks or unlocks the outside handle and retracts latch bolt when locked.
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  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
Satin Chrome

How to Specify

Function. Backset. Cylinder Option. Finish. Hand. Door Thickness. Strike Option

  • Crescent Cylindrical | Classroom Lock | Fitted for Best SFIC | No Strike Required
    E.g.: CH-CYL-CLA. 234. LC-SFIC. US26D. RH. 134
  • Crescent Cylindrical | Storeroom Door| Fitted for Conventional Cylinder | ASA Strike
    E.g.: CH-CYL-STO. 234. LC-C. US26D. RH. 134. 478STK
  • Crescent Cylindrical | Passage Door | Replace Non-Compliant Push/Pull Set | 2-3/4” T Strike
    E.g.: CH-CYL-PA. 5. US26D. LH. 134. 234STK
  • The CH-CYL Handles are machined specifically for the cylinder they will be used with, a sample cylinder MUST accompany every CH-CYL order.
  • Most Cylinders can be accommodated; however, there are certain limitations.
  • Small and large format cores may carry an upcharge. We strongly encourage sending a sample cylinder for evaluation prior to providing a firm quote.
  • Also available with Beveled Latch (BL), please specify with caution and evaluate each opening for what is most important: safety or security.

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