• M9067E for doors 1-3/8” minimum.
  • M9167E for doors 1-3/4” minimum.
  • Standard backsets: 2-1/2”, 2-3/4" for door stiles 4-1/2" or wider (larger backsets available as a special order).
  • Latch Bolt is brass, anti-friction type, 3/4" throw (solid latch bolt available as a special order).
  • 12-24V AC/DC (11V - 30V Operating Range).
  • 250mA MAX Inrush.
  • 10mA MAX Holding.
  • Non-polarized Leads.


  • Electromechanical Deadbolt lock with DS Deadbolt Security for enhanced privacy and toggle action switch to Passage Mode.
  • Deadbolt by key outside or thumb turn inside.
  • If deadbolt is not projected, outside lever can be locked or unlocked with toggle.
  • For passage mode, toggle can be set to keep outside lever unlocked.
  • After unlocking lever with toggle, lever can only be re-locked by toggle or projecting the deadbolt, not by electronics.
  • Inside lever always free, retracting latch and deadbolt simultaneously.
  • After retracting deadbolt, outside lever remains locked until manually
  • unlocked by toggle or electronically unlocked.
  • Extending the deadbolt will reset the toggle to the locked position AND
  • Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt.
  • Electronic access depends on deadbolt position:
  • When DEADBOLT is RETRACTED and outside lever is released via electronics, outside lever retracts latch allowing ingress.
  • When DEADBOLT is PROJECTED outside lever is NOT unlocked via
  • electronics, a key will be needed for ingress.
  • DS Deadbolt secure option (which disables electronic access when
  • deadbolt is projected) is included and CANNOT be removed.
  • Outside lever unlocked when power is applied and locked when power is removed. Lockset will lock in the event of power failure.
  • Outside lever locked when power is applied and unlocked when power is removed. Lockset will unlock in the event of power failure ONLY if deadbolt is not projected.
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  • US4
    Satin Brass
  • US4NL
    Satin Brass + No Lacquer
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US3
    Polished Brass
  • US3NL Polished Brass No Lacquer US3NL
    Polished Brass + No Lacquer