• Solid stainless steel back plate.
  • US26D/US32D finish back plate standard.
  • Furnished with Torx® Security Screws.
  • Custom plate sizes available.
  • Outside escutcheon is set back 1-1/2" from door edge.
  • Dimensions: 12-5/8” high by 5-1/8” wide with a projection of 2-7/32”.

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  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
Satin Chrome

How to Specify

Function. Backset. Trim. Finish. Hand. Door Thickness. Special Options

  • Breakaway Trim | Institutional Privacy
    E.g.: CH 9144E-SEC. 234. BA. US26D. RH. 134
  • Breakaway Trim | Classroom Lock
    E.g.: CH 9145SEC. 234. BA. US26D. LHR. 134

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