• Available for single side, surface mounted installation, as well as through-bolted for added strength.
  • Solid stainless steel back plate, available in different sizes and options based on desired functionality.
  • Meets BHMA 156.34 Ligature Resistant Trim Standard.
  • US26D/US32D back plate standard.
  • Furnished with Torx® Security Screws.
  • 2-1/8" projection for ease of use.
  • CP-S Small Plate: 8-1/8" high by 4-7/16" wide with a projection of 2-1/8".
  • NCP Narrow Pull: 8-1/2" high by 2" wide projection of 2-1/8".
  • CP Large Plate: 12-1/4" high by 4-7/16" wide with a projection of 2-1/8".

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  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
Satin Chrome

How to Specify

Function. Installation. Finish. Hand.

  • Crescent Pull | Surface Mounted Installation | RH door (Inside)
    E.g.: CP-S. S. US26D. RH
  • Crescent Pull and Push Plate | LHR Door
    E.g.: CP-B. BP. US26D. LHR
  • Pair of Narrow Crescent Pulls | Back to Back Installation
    E.g.: NCP. P. US26D
  • Installation options, specify:
  • S Surface mounted
  • BP Through-bolted (furnished with blank plate for “push” side)
  • W Through-bolted (furnished with cup washers for “push” side)
  • P Through-bolted (as pairs, CP on each side of door)
  • For through-bolted applications, posts are provided for 1 ¾” thick doors. Please call for assistance on other door thicknesses.
  • Torx® screws included (for surface mounted applications, please indicate if door is wood or metal).
  • Pulls can be supplied in other sizes. Please call to discuss your application.

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