• Includes: 2 side rails, 1 top rail.
  • Allows 2 people to install the door in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Once simple blocking has been added to the wall studs surrounding the door, side rails can be installed first, followed by the time frame with track.
  • Results in a seamless frame around the door.

Sell Sheet
Installation Instruction
Specification Sheet

  • > LR-SDS Fast Frame Kit Install

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  • US26D
    Satin Chrome
  • US32D
    Satin Stainless Steel
Satin Chrome

How to Specify

Function. Finish. Door Thickness. Door Type Door Width Options

  • LR-SDS | Privacy with Indicator | Tubular | Fast Frame Kit
    E.g.: LR-SDS-5i. US26D. 134. WOOD.44. FF
  • LR-SDS | Hospital Privacy with Indicator | Tubular | Fast Frame Kit
    E.g.: LR-SDS-5Hi. US26D. 134. METAL.44. FF
  • LR-SDS | Classroom Deadlock | Mortise | Fast Frame Kit
    E.g.: LR-SDS-9503ST. US26D. 134. METAL.44. FF
  • Special Options:
  • LR-ADA-F/LR-ADA-Fi Flush Thumb Turn
  • Stop Kit A/B
  • FF Fast Frame Kit
  • Special Requests available

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